In 2006, the inaugural Human Futures Forum was launched online exploring C. P. Snow's iconic Reed Lecture entitled, The Two Cultures, delivered in 1959 at the University of Cambridge. The crux of this ground-breaking lecture urged increased dialogue between the humanities and the sciences as applied to some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity at the time.


The Western Behavioral Sciences Institute of La Jolla, California, collaborated with Human Futures Foundation as noted thinkers from around the world were brought together, following on from forums  convened by Dr. Jonas Salk at the Salk Institute  throughout his collaboration with Carol Anne Bundy, co-founder of Human Futures Foundation and current CEO.

The tenth year anniversary of the forum will be celebrated on January 24th, 2016 marked by the publication of a commemorative edition entitled, The Third Culture, synthesizing the proceeding of the inaugural forum in light of the subsequent decade as well as, simultaneously, the opening of the 2016  Human Futures Forum. Snow's proposed alternative title to The Two Cultures manuscript, Of Rich and of Poor, will provide a point of departure as altruism for the twenty-first century is explored against the backdrop of the widening inequality gap.


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